Monday, November 3, 2008

I think therefore I am

Yes I did, I had my say,
a ballot by mail.
My first Presidential election as a US citizen.
I got to say a few other things too,
like who I want to be governor.
I thought a lot
about what I wanted,
tried to find a match.
A match on the most important things,
I learned a lot about myself
as I learned about candidates.
Today I was a responsible citizen
of my fairly newly adopted country.
It might not really matter
in the big picture
considering how many others
but it really mattered to me.

button by Delaney Gates


Diane Linford said...


Lahni said...

Of course it matters - it always matters.
I didn't know you got your citizenship. Congrats.

Jen said...

Go Kristen! And did you know you're now eligible to run for Mrs. America? Bet you hadn't thought about that one yet...

ashley|josh said...

canada is very disappointed in you ;)

Jamie said...

Wow - tres cool. Congrats of your first official American vote! :)

Natalie said...

How cool!