Saturday, October 18, 2008


We have a great storytime at our library and Miss Donna had the kids make these snakes this week, they were so great I had to share them. Plus I like a beading project a boy is interested in.

The triangles are cut in 3 sizes out of cereal boxes, with a hole punched in the middle of each. The head is a diamond folded in half, a hole in the middle, yarn strung through and stapled and a felt tongue. Large wooden beads are varied on the yard with the triangles, starting with the largest near the head and getting smaller. The tail is similar to the head, without the eyes.

A fun craft and a fun t

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Natalie said...

Those are so cute!

Kpetes-draggin said...

Kristen, you have got to be the best mom. Every time I get over here you just have the cutest things you have made or done with your boys. Keep up the good work. Kerry

Julie said...

I found you from the Crafty Crow. This is such a great project! We've got a couple of cereal boxes destined for the recycling can, so this will be a perfect "first stop!" Thanks for sharing!

bethe said...

hi, I love your snake idea. I am writing an article for my local paper re: earth day and would love to use this idea and give your credit of course. Would that be okay? my email address is

thank you very much

bethe said...


i love this idea. may i use it and of course I will give you credit for an article i am writing for my local paper?

Beth engelman

Megan said...

Hi, I came via Crafty Crow. What a fun project! I'm drawn to this since I do so many crafts with cereal boxes. I just posted one earlier today, as a matter of fact. Thanks for a new idea.

The Bee Hive said...

What an adorable idea! I just found you from the Crafty Crow. My son will love this!

Taylor Made said...

Thanks for this great idea.We used it at our playgroup and everyone loved the whole recycling thing and that they were all different and super cute too.