Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Today I got banged. In the best possible way of course. Girls you know I'm talking about fringe, bangs, straight across the front - in a big way - not a big 80's way for the record. I like them but family reviews were mixed.

C - "Mommy! You look so pretty, beautiful haircut." - does this child know who peanut-butters his bread or what?

My 3- year-old nephew - "haircut?" me - "yes, do you like it?" "Yes, nice." - Hey that's a big compliment from an age 3.

E - after about 1/2 hour of staring, "Mom it looks like you put on someone else's hair-do, can you give it back now?" At least he's honest about his resistance to change.

L - "Yeah, yeah, I saw it, it looks really cute, I'm just frustrated right now and I've got a lot to do."

This requires a 5 min back-up...

me calling him, "uh hon, so I left the headlights on, on the car last night, all night and the battery is dead, really dead. "

L "----silence accompanied by a sigh---"

me - "So do you think you could take a look, I mean between work, work, running to the city for paint, work, work and running the boys to swimming lessons?"

So he comes home and after several attempts and much wasted time, is successful at charging the battery. He is about to hop back into his car and I ask, "didn't you see my haircut?" back to paragraph beginning and his comment.


Diane Linford said...

No picture?? After all the comments, we need a picture...

probably one of your boys would be happy to take a picture.

Kelly said...

I love the reviews, very funny! At least L gave you a 'yeah cute' even if he didn't notice at first. I have come to warning Bryce whenever I do something with my hair-that way he knows to look for it and it won't be too much of a shock. Usually this happens when I am chopping off about 8 or so inches though.

My last haircut-when I went really short, Brody said, "mom, I can see your neck." Like he wasn't quite sure if that was good or not-but definitely weird.

I agree, a picture would be fun! I am sure it is total cute. I just ran across yours and Lukes engagement photo in an album the other day-cute, but no bangs. When was the last time you got bangs?

Natalie said...

You've piqued my curiousity. I agree we need pics. I bet the bangs really make your eyes pop. I cracked up at your conversation w/ L. DH & I have similiar ones. Sometimes I think he wishes he had to commute to Seattle again since now that he's 3 minutes down the road I can call him w/ honey-do's. i.e.: "Hey, Dust? The pipe under the sink broke and the kitchen is flooding."

sciencegeek said...

What?! No picture?! Come on!!

aubrey said...

banged...so dirty, kristin.

and not posting a picture to go with this post is very, very cruel!

Joanna said...

very funny comments from everyone. I think E's is so funny. Someone else's hair? haha

Jana said...

I LOVE your cut and you look awesome!!! I'm in need for a hair cut too and not sure where to go in this new town of mine. Hopefully I will find someone as good as you found.