Sunday, August 3, 2008

This bugs me

I never thought I would be writing about bugs, thinking about bugs or spend hours online trying to identify these creatures. My 16 and 23 yr-old -selves would shutter at the thought, maybe even to the point of convulsions. That said, I'm over it, I have 4-yr-old boys least I try to be tougher, even when the hairs on the back of my neck are prickling...

Rather interesting, Luke brought him home the other evening. C was fascinated and gave him a full inspection then humanely let him go. I'm sure the little guy had something of an "abducted by aliens" experience. I did some online research - this is a great site for bug identifying and here is our guy -

Species Rosalia funebris - Banded Alder Borer

In other bug related news, 2 weeks ago C was stung by a bee 2 times near his eye. It didn't swell overly and he had his brother come and tell me, saying it hurt too much to yell or move? He did get over it quickly. Since I have been trying to watch for bees/wasps, in case of infestation. I've seen a couple black and white bees - I think maybe cookoo bees or sweat bees.

Then my nephews found this - maybe 100m from the house, the photo credit goes to Zach and sympathy goes to Trav for the sting he received observing the photography. So we are on guard... and trying to mind our own beeswax.


Jen said...

Hey, your C and my C have something in common...except that Conan was stung by a wasp, and it did swell. For 2 days he looked like someone else's kid. We iced, and benedryl-ed, and waited. Finally his poor nose and eye returned to normal. Glad yours went better!

Jamie said...

My 4-year-old is afraid of bugs. I've even tried to interest him in them, but to no avail. He is even terrified of flys - no matter that I assure him they can't do ANYTHING but annoy you. Oh well.