Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bird's the Word

This week we studied birds. That means:
  • we went to the library and got any and all books about birds we could find (fiction and non-fiction), including a couple northwest field guides (I think we hauled about 25ish).

Some we enjoyed:


  • 365 Penguins - Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet (love love the illustrations and nice math work in this one!)
  • The Ugly Duckling - Hans Christian Andersen
  • The Best Nest - PD Eastman
  • Don't let the pigeon drive the bus - Mo Williams (This was the boys favourite, very interactive and entertaining)


  • On the Duck Pond Patricia M. Stockland, Todd Ouren
  • How do Birds Find their Way - Roma Gans, Paul Mirocha
  • Westren Bird's Nests - Hal H. Harrison, Mada Harrison
  • Birds of Washington State - Brian H. Bell, Gregory Kennedy
  • Take Along Guide Birds, Nests and Eggs - Mel Boring, Linda Garrow
  • Chicks and Chickens - Gail Gibbons (great explanation about where eggs come from)
  • Eagles of North America - Candace Savage

we tried to identify birds around us, we went on a bird-watching picnic in a beautiful field of fox-gloves next to our house, and even found an empty bird's nest (swallow I think)
  • we painted bird houses to hang outside


Elisha and Scott said...

You've got some very handsome boys there. Good to have you in the bloggers world so we can keep updated better. Keep it up.

Diane said...

What happened to your little boys, and who are the children in your pictures?? These giant children can't be those babies we adored!

Jamie said...

You're such a cool mom! I need to do more stuff like that. Cute hair BTW!

aubrey said...

kristin, i love that you started a blog! it's so fun reading up on what you guys are doing. your boys are SO big!!