Monday, September 17, 2007

the boys have been really into volcanoes lately, they want to learn everything there is to know about them, sing about them, talk about them, act them out, hear stories about them (fiction and non-fiction), play about them. they love to run around, "the volcano is rumbling, it is about to explode, run for your lives!!" "the hot lava is coming, run for it." we even learned how to do a volcano in a yoga pose! (see below)

Easy craft:
supplies - brown/grey, orange/red, and black construction paper, chalk for smoke, dino stickers or cutouts (optional)
1st: rip triangle from brown for mountain, glue on black
2nd: rip shreds of red/orange for lava, glue on mountain
3rd: use chalk to add "smoke"
4th: add stickers/cutouts if wanted

great books:
VOLCANOS: Usborne Beginners, Stephanie Turnbull

Jump into Science: Volcano!: Ellen J. Prager and Nancy Woodman
When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry: Molly Bang

yoga pose: ( - love them)
When to use: When you feel like bursting or exploding, use the volcano to let off steam.

How to do: Sit in a chair or stand up. Place your palms together at your heart center (Namaste pose). Breathe in as you watch your hands rise up over your head. Breathe out as you explode your arms outward. Make big, blasting volcano noises. Lower your arms to your sides and return your hands to the Namaste position. Repeat the sequence several times, erupting like a volcano.

Benefits: Children learn they can manage and blow away anger, frustration and yucky feelings by exploding in this noisy pose. It provides a way for children to release anger in peaceful ways.

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