Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghosts of coffee past

Supplies needed:
  • Coffee filters
  • Tinfoil, tape
  • string
  • markers (we only used black)

  • tape a length of string to the center of a piece of tinfoil
  • Crumple tinfoil into a ball
  • Poke a small hole in the center of a flattened coffee filter with a large pin or a sharp pencil
  • thread the string through hole in filter
  • form filter paper around tin foil
  • draw on ghostly faces
hang string from ceiling, door frame or use your imagination

Inspiration for this project (adjusted supplies and simplified) goes to my mum's gift from Usborne Books - Spooky things to make and do.
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ade said...

way cute, love the spider stuff too. How are the darlins liking school all-day? Love you!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Those are so classic. Love it!

Kelly said...

Wow, you can do a ton of fun projects with coffee filters. I guess its time to invest.

Joanna said...

OOOooooOOOO spooky!! I think I'll try this but with cupcake papers... I forgot to buy the coffee filters while I was out today.. BOO (haha)

Traci said...

Hunter has been dying to make these, he is still talking about them. Thanks for all the fun ideas you share, you're awesome!